XVII LPIOČ Renginiai[:en]XVII LWIOC Events

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March 30th
19:00 Meeting/discussion with compozer Kevin Houben (Belgium) at Lithuanian academy of music and theater innovation center (Gedimino pr. 42, Vilnius, 1305 auditorium, III floor)

March 31st at Panevezys community palace (Kranto st. 28, Panevezys)

12:00 Opening of the instrument exhibition
15:00 Opening ceremony of the championship
14:00 A section competition – Brass bands
16:30 A section competition – Wind bands
15:30 D section competition
19:00 Closing concert and award ceremony for A and D sections (Performing – Brass band „Aukštyn” and „Willebroek Brass” quartet)

April 1st at Panevezys community palace (Kranto st. 28, Panevezys)

10:00 C section competition
10:30 B section competition – Brass bands (at Panevezys School of music (Vilnaus st. 2, Panevezys)
11:00 B section competition – Concert bands
14:00 E section competition
18:00 Gala concert and award ceremony (Lithuanian Military band, Kevin Houben, „Willebroek brass” quartet and soloists).